sorrow and love :: poignant worship

      // my idea of god is not a divine idea. it has to be shattered time after time. he shatters it himself || [ c.s. lewis, a grief observed ]

In my very, very short experience of life thus far, I’ve continually found the emotion of grief to be one of the hardest feelings understood and, in some ways, to feel. The other evening during my devotion, I read Job Chapter One. I love the account of Job. I admire his dedication and his strength to restrain himself from cursing God during his misfortune. This time, as I read chapter once again, I noticed a few things that haven’t been apparent in times before.

I want to give you an outline of what I noticed and then share the application from what I gleaned:

[ the observations ]

First, as shown in verse one, Job was doing right according to the Lord and he was in a long season of abundant blessing. If anyone needs an example of how to fulfill the role of steward, they only need look at Job. This man prayed and offered up sacrifices for the sins of his children! (Parenting goals!)

Second, a huge question arises for me in verse eight: In the conversation between God and Satan, why does God bring up the subject of Job to Satan? He seems to prompt the Devil’s test by (1). bringing up Job’s faithfulness and (2). readily agreeing to let Satan harm Job. What’s the motive? It seems rather like a cruel joke.

Third, an almost unreal occurrence of events unfolds. Four messengers approach Job, one after the other, bearing devastating news. Within the context of one chapter, nearly all of Job’s tangible possessions are destroyed without warning or explanation. Job barely has time to process the information of what one person has relayed to him before another courier arrives. With such an unheard of, unbelievable tragedy, it makes sense to me that Job should immediately ask: “What is God doing?”

[ the interpretations ]

Job’s first response captivates me. He does not ask the question I imagined. He does something I believe few have the strength to do: he worshiped. In unimaginable, plummeting sorrow, Job chose to praise the Lord. For him, that was his only option.

Previously, from what the reader can gather, Job had really only known the blessings of God. From this, he experienced God’s goodness. With his trial just beginning, Job’s view of his God shattered. Yet, he still knew God is good and is worthy to be worshiped.

To have the childlike faith of Job and to have his mindset should be the goal of anyone who claims to follow Christ. Our view of God should not fall into a four-cornered box, but should be continually shaped by His actions. The actions of the Lord always align with His written truths and promises. We only think they don’t because we don’t have God’s view of Himself—thus, why He must shatter our view.

[ au revoir, hannah ]


cast all your cares :: taking a trust fall

the grand canyon | albuquerque, new mexico :: rachel c.


// cast all your anxieties on him because he cares for you || [ 1 peter 5:7 ]

-my sister took this photo of the grand canyon just last month. to me, it looks like the mountain is almost inverted.

even though i happened to miss out on this vacation due to school, i can imagine standing from my sister’s view and exhilarating in the elevation, the openness, the rawness, the beauty, and the adrenaline. places like these make me insanely afraid of heights but, at the same time, intensely calm–for a few minutes, it makes everyday life dissolve and any type of stress dissipate. –

Worry is one of the most crippling aspects of life. It’s physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually debilitating. Worry robs you of the joy found in today—of the joy found in the moment.

Constantly thinking, “What if” or constantly replaying and analyzing an incident over and over in your mind is, more often than not, a sign of a restless spirit that doesn’t believe.

Rather, Sweet Soul, break away from timidity. Put all of your fears, hopes, and dreams in the hands of an all-knowing, all-powerful God. Don’t allow life to merge into an unrecognizable blur where the goal becomes just the end. Slow down. Take things one at a time. Do things with care. Do things well. Do things wholeheartedly. The King of Kings has an unimaginable, incredible plan for your priceless life. So take a trust fall, and know that you’ll land in the arms of a Great and Good God.

[ au revoir, hannah ]

[ a little housekeeping ]

   -hello! i’ve decided to make sundays my official posting day. (however, you may find a random post here-and-there throughout a given week.)

in the future, i hope to share things that place my blog under the category: lifestyle. this includes devotionals, personal stories, photography, recipes, fashion, beauty, and d.i.y. to help navigate the site, i’ve added three tags, which i’ll be using to organize my posts. these are:

  • petites pensées (“little thoughts of encouragement & enlightenment” a.k.a. devotionals and contemplative ideas)
  • une vie pleine (“anecdotes & lessons from my life”a.k.a. any possible type of exciting news in my life)
  • reflecting beauty (“the world is your runway” a.k.a. fashion & beauty)

other tags will also emerge in time (for example, when i post a cookie recipe, i’ll make a cooking & baking tag or when i post a d.i.y. décor idea, i’ll make a creativity tag).

i can’t wait to share all of my thoughts and ideas for you and to grow this new blog with you! as always, please share your suggestions with me! –

[ au revoir, hannah ]

contemplation :: a full mind

// live the full life of the mind, exhilarated by new ideas, intoxicated by the romance of the unusual ||

[ ernest hemmingway ]

I’ve entertained the thought of writing a blog for a while now…more specifically: since late last year. A number of things have made me toss away the whole idea: I have absolutely no clue what I’m doing when it comes to website building; it takes awhile for me to force my thoughts into coherent sentences for others to attempt to understand; keeping up with another social media platform takes even more time out of my illusionary busy life; and it appears that blogs are the new man-bun-sporting, Patagonia-wearing hipster thing to do.

Yet, I can’t make the idea leave my mind…I also can’t force other jumbled thoughts to dissipate. And I want to share those thoughts. So, today, I’m launching my blog, “A Full Mind.” (Except, I’d rather label it a “journal.”)

In many ways, I want this blog/journal to become a sort-of accountability tool. I want it cause me to look for the lessons life teaches me, to think more spiritually, and to impress upon me the call to encourage and uplift others.

That said, I hope you’ll find it worthwhile to stay a bit and share ideas with me.

I welcome feedback and comments.

I want to get to know you as much as I can.

I want you to guest-post, if you feel led.

I want live the full life of the mind.

[ au revoir, hannah ]

  • mini disclaimer: i have absolutely nothing against man-buns (brock o’hurn boasts a very fine one!) nor do i have anything against patagonia (ahh, their fleeces!).