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[ the “sprout voxbox” from influenster | i received this box as a complimentary offer to try  out & review the products ]
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“Brown paper packages tied up with string. These are a few of my favorite things…” 

Today’s post is my first piece about fashion and beauty! (Maybe you’re not as excited as I am about these subjects, but I think you’ll find something to enjoy from what I’m about to say! Hopefully!)

You know how you can start by watching a specific video on YouTube and, before you know it, you end up somewhere completely obscure? Like all of a sudden you’re spending half an hour of your God-given life watching “How to Make an iPhone from Ramen and an Electrical Cord?” (I made that up as an example…but, you get the idea.)

Well, I happen to love watching hair and makeup tutorials in my rare spare time. As a result, I ended up viewing a bunch of videos on subscription boxes about a year ago. (Not as obscure as learning to produce your own homemade iPhone, but also not a beauty tutorial.) Prior to these unboxing videos, I had never heard about a subscription service where you could receive surprise full-sized and sample products each month! Upon investigating a little more, I found out these boxes range anywhere from just beauty products to lifestyle items, to monthly plans, to once-a-quarter plans, and plans to fit a wide variety of budgets.

I want to start off by sharing with you two great subscription programs I have been privileged to try!

The first (and the one that happens to be my favorite thus far): The PopSugar Must Have Box. My very sweet and thoughtful boyfriend bought me a three-month subscription as part of last year’s Christmas gift. I had watched several reviews about this service, and felt like it would prove as an enjoyable investment! I was most definitely not disappointed! The box runs about $40 a month, but the price is very well worth it! Each month, PopSugar packs their boxes with a variety of full-sized and sample beauty, home, fitness, food, and lifestyle products. The total retail value of a box always culminates to at least above $100.

For example, in my December 2015 box, I received a gorgeous ombre metal chain bracelet, valuing $65, from the brand LUV AJ. The worth of the bracelet more than pays for the price of one box, and it was just one item out of the whole thing! I use my Blue Sky Day Designer Weekly Planner from the January 2016 box daily, and some of the February 2016 surprises included a $20 Victoria’s Secret gift card and a delicate modal scarf from Tilo that retails for $125.

Recently, PopSugar released a new version of their Must Have box, the Mini, which is $18.95 a month. I’ve not tried this one yet, but it seems to contain similar, but fewer items. Other than the Must Have and Mini, the company also offers curated limited edition boxes. These are more expensive, but bigger and often include higher end brands.

I thoroughly enjoyed the boxes I received from PopSugar, and definitely plan to subscribe with them again in the future! For more information, their website is:

The second service I want to share with you is called Influenster. I actually came across this brand during one of my many Pinterest visits. The most wonderful thing about this subscription is…it’s FREE! (I was extremely wary when I first read about Influenster, but decided to sign up after a few months of research and have been pleasantly surprised ever since!) I’ll do my best to explain succinctly below:

As hinted at in the brand name, Influenster uses their subscribers to influence other people into buying and trying certain products. When signing up, you do not enter any credit card information or payment. Instead, you connect your Influenster page to your social media sites and answer “Snaps,” which are questions about your beauty and lifestyle preferences. Based on how many followers/friends you have combined and your activity on Infleunster’s site, you have the chance of receiving a box of complimentary products. Once you get that “VoxBox”, you check it in online and then are supposed to try out the products (many which have not been released on the market yet). After that, you write reviews for them and answer other users’ questions on Influenster’s website.

In the past, I have received three VoxBoxes. (The picture I have included at the beginning of my post is of my latest one—the “Sprout VoxBox.”) Each box has a theme and usually contains at least one beauty product, something for the house, a fashion-related piece, and a food item.

I love Influenster because it’s free, it’s fun, and it’s a unique brand that allows you to become a voice for what you’d like to see on the market.

To sign up, feel free to use my referral link:

A few other subscription boxes I’ve heard are good but haven’t personally tried include:

~Play! by Sephora ($10/mo.)

~Birchbox ($10/mo.; I got my roommate a three-month gift subscription a little while back, and she loved it!)

~FabFitFun ($49.99/season)

~BoxyCharm ($21/mo.)

~BarkBox (starts at $20/mo.; a curated box for your special puppies)

There are others as well, but these are a few more that I have watched several reviews on and look to be offer quality, fun items!

Maybe subscription boxes aren’t your thing, but I certainly love receiving a surprise in the mail every now and then. If you have any questions about these boxes or any of the products, please let me know and I’d be more than happy to try to answer them!

Perhaps someday down the road (or even tomorrow!) you’ll get hooked on these cute little boxes just like I am!

[ au revoir, hannah ]

*disclaimer: i have received no offers or compensation for these reviews; they are solely my personal opinion.