in its time :: treasuring moments 

// don’t lose another day of your life 

I remember hearing the above piece of advice in high school. It was spoken by a woman whose daughter had a very slim chance of living. The words have imprinted on my mind, and they randomly make their way into my daily thought flow from time to time. 

I grew up in an Air Force family. I remember running to greet my dad each evening, eager to try on his BDU jacket and hat. My dad retired when I was still in elementary school, so I only experienced two major US moves. But the 22 years he served are not lost to me as I now better appreciate, even if dimly, his dedication and sacrifices. 

Like so many in this country, I am continually moved and in awe of those who choose to commit their lives to the military pillars of integrity, service before self, and excellence (I may or may not be borrowing these listed qualities from the Air Force core values…) 

The men and women who have served, are serving, or will serve realize each day we have to live and breathe in freedom is a great and good gift–one worthy of cherishing and protecting. Ironically, because they know this, they often lose their own lives–sometimes, for those who don’t seem to think about or care about the luxury of an average American day. 

Anyone who struggles, like the woman whose baby girl fights for her life, can learn to come to the point where they genuinely treasure every minute and stretch out each moment in order to glean all the blessings they can from it. 

I can easily think of times when I’ve allowed myself to waste days by lying in bed doing nothing until 1 pm, vegging out on Netflix for six hours straight, or any other mindless activity that swallows up the minutes of my day. 

Many live in jeopardy of their life or in fear for their loved ones’ lives every hour. These people know moments are fleeting; they know relationships are the only things that last; they know no one knows when their last day will be; they know not to waste a single, precious day of their life.  

-It’s ok to give up a few extra hours of sleep to make a little extra time in the day to laugh with your family. 

-You can find great blessing in overcoming your comfort zones and volunteering to visit the elderly or to set up an event for veterans. 

-Let stories of brave soldiers and leaders inspire you and challenge you to do the best you can with whatever comes your way. 

-Do anything but let your days slip by, unnoticed and unappreciated.

                                           [ au revoir, hannah ] 


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